About Trauma-Informed Hampshire County

Through community education, advocacy and collaboration, we aim to provide resources and support to help make our county more trauma responsive and increase a sense of wellbeing and belonging for all its residents.

Photo by Alexandra Mello

Photo by Alexandra Mello

Our Mission

We are a network of people, groups and organizations that fosters greater communitywide understanding of the impact of trauma including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and promotes the healing of individual, group, systemic and historical trauma in Hampshire County. We do this through community education, resource sharing and policy/systems change.

Our Vision

There is widespread well-being, resources and support in our community for everyone to address the impact of trauma, prevent re-traumatization, reduce suffering and promote healing.

Our Core Values

Justice & Equity

Because racism and other forms of oppression hurt and are traumatizing, justice and equity is a top priority in our work.

Honoring Life Experiences and Diverse Voices

Every voice is essential and each person’s life experience is valued as part of our work together.

Joy, Humor, Curiosity

We approach the work and each other with curiosity, and an intention to infuse it with joy and humor whenever we can.

Trauma Training Hampshire County MA
Trauma Training Hampshire MA


Creating a trauma-responsive Hampshire County can only be done in collaboration, which we do with our organizational structure and our intentions, including cultural humility and responsiveness.

Deep Listening/Sharing Stories

Part of understanding and healing trauma is listening to each other’s experience and sharing from the heart.

Compassion & Respect

We believe trauma is not who you are but something that happened to you. Healing is possible. People with a trauma history may bring skills and perspectives that others do not have. We recognize that people are more than their trauma.

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Our Approach


Recognize the signs of (individual and systemic) trauma, and the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as well as our resilience and capacity to heal.


Realize that people respond to trauma differently and honor the ways people live and cope with the impact of trauma.


Respond by raising awareness, sharing resources and instigating policy/systems change.


Prevent retraumatization and support healing.

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We would love to come and share our knowledge with you! We specialize in training organizations and businesses about trauma and resilience. Contact us today for more information about how we can help.

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Photo by Alexandra Mello

Our Local Partners

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Spiffy Coalition
The Literacy Project
Northwestern DA Office
Klingberg Family Centers
Massachusetts Association for Metal Health
Mass DMH
NOHO Public Health
Traumatic Stress Institute